2015-2016 Committees

2015 – 2016 Committees

By-Laws Sickness & Distress
Sue Ellen H., PQ – Chair Joan M., PQ – Chair
Margo H., PQ  
Kathleen P.  History
Cathy S.  Bonnie K-D., PQ – Chair
Pat S. Mickey B.


Dorothy N.

Audit / Financial Review
Pat B. – Chair


Margaret C. Newsletter / Website
Sharon J., PQ Betty C., PQ, Editor newsletter
Betsie J.
 Laura B., PQ, Webmaster


 Email updates:Joan M., PQ
Ways & Means Committee
Joan M., PQ – Chair
Janice D., PQ


Kathleen S. Budget
Janet K. Sue Ellen H., PQ – Chair
Margo H., PQBonnie K-D, PQ Peggy C., PQJanice D., PQ
Thelma G.Ginny W. Pat B.Beverley G.
Lois R.Laura B., PQ Mentoring (under membership)Joan M., PQ – Chair
 Walleen L.Sharon W.Sharon J., PQ Travel CoordinatorJoan M., PQPeggy C., PQ


Betty C., PQ – Chair
Kathleen P. Mo. Finance
Laura B., PQ

Thelma G. – Chair

Peggy C., PQ Shirley C.
Sue Ellen H., PQ Billy W.
Judy F.Mary C.


Joyce C.Emily N.

Charitable Giving

Shirley D., – Chair

Carol S.Barbara R.  Shirley C. 

Ginny W.

 Marlene W., PQ
Sharon J., PQ – Chair


Thelma G. Prompters
Sue Ellen H., PQ – Chair
Hospital Needs
Kathleen P. – Chair
Theresa N. Ceremonial Assistant
All Ladies of the Household Laura B., PQ
April:  Past Queens

May:  Queen, Musician, Sideliners

September:  Recorder, Banker, Chaplain, Marshall


October:  Line Officers (Royal, Tirzah, Badoura), Ceremonial Assistant
November:  Patrol:  Before Meeting
December:  Past Queens:  Before Meeting
January:  Lady of Keys, Lady of Gates, 2 attendants: Before Meeting **Potato Bake**
February:  Crescent
March:  Pasta Dinner (March 15)