Zitta Temple No 27

Zitta Temple No. 27

2024 – 2025 Elected and Appointed Officers:
QueenShannon D.
Junior Past QueenKathy F.
Princess RoyalMarlies F
Princess TirzahLynn B
Princess BadouraNoel W.
Princess RecorderRosie F., PQ
Princess BankerSharon J., PQ
Princess MarshalPamela S.
Princess ChaplainJoan M., PQ
Princess NydiaKathy H
Princess ZuliekaShirley T.
Princess ZenobiaRachel F.
Princess ZoraKathy F
Princess ZuliemaSusan C
Princess MusicianDorothy N., PQ
Lady of the KeysNancy K.
Lady of the GatesCarol S. (to be installed)
Queen’s attendantSharon D.
Queen’s attendantLouise M